Design, Management and Environmental Control of Greenhouses


The scope of the course is to convey the fundamentals of design management and environmental control of crop production systems under controlled environment. Whereas the focus will be greenhouses, attention will be also given to other alternatives, such as vertical farming systems, plant factories and screenhouses. During the course basic design considerations will be analysed together with the main systems used for controlling the aerial environment (ventilation, heating, cooling and shading). Techniques and technologies for integrated pest management will be presented together with automation and robotics ­­applications. Optimum control via experts and AI systems will be introduced. Finally some basic insights into sustainability issues will be covered.

Learning objectives

Students completing this course will be able to:

  • Understand the main design and structural characteristics of greenhouse.
  • Calculate required ventilation / cooling /heating for greenhouses and select appropriate systems.
  • Comprehend the importance of environmental control systems and their integration in controlling the indoor environment of a greenhouse
  • Be familiar with the main automations and robotics systems used for greenhouse crops.
  • Get insights on novel controlled environment production systems (i.e. vertical farming systems)
  • Comprehend the main environment control aspects for greenhouses.
  • Comprehend the main sustainability issues of greenhouse crops.
1STDesign and structural specifications of greenhouses – (Bartzanas)
2NDInternal environment of greenhouses – (Bartzanas)
3RDNatural ventilation systems – (Bartzanas)
4THCooling systems – (Bartzanas)
5THHeating systems – (Bartzanas)
6THIntegrated pest management systems and technologies – (Bartzanas)
7THVertical farming systems – (Bartzanas)
8THHydroponics systems – (Savvas – Katsoulas)
9THAutomation and robotics – (Arvanitis – Loukatos)
10TH Climate control systems for greenhouses – (Ferentinos)
11THSustainability issues in greenhouses – (Bartzanas)
12THExamples and Exercises  (Arvanitis-Loukatos)
13THExamples and Exercises  (Bartzanas)

Assignments – Indicative

  1. Estimation of ventilation rates throughout a year (Bartzanas)
  2. Evaluation of heating and cooling demands throughout a year (Bartzanas)
  3. Regulation of Environmental Factors through Advanced Control Techniques (Arvanitis/Loukatos)
  4. Estimation of main inputs – outputs sources in terms of energy for a greenhouse crop (Bartzanas)

Exams, marking and student assessment

Assignments: 70%, Written exam(s): 30%