Programming Languages ​​for Applications


These lecture series are dedicated in communicating techniques of utilizing modern programming languages for developing applications, with emphasis on agricultural paradigm.
The areas being covered include but are not limited to:
Problem analysis, algorithm representation. Object oriented principles. C, python and Java programming exemplification. Linux shell commands and script programming. Visual programming environments. Interfacing among different programming modules. Exploitation of tablet and smart phones and microcontrollers for creating useful programming applications.

WEEKCourse Contents
1STProblem analysis, algorithms and their representation
2NDC language and commands
3RDObject oriented principles
4THC++ language and commands
5THPython language and commands
6THPython language exemplification
7THJava language and commands
8THJava language exemplification
9THFurther programming tools and platforms (e.g., linux shell programming, process analysis)
10TH Programming using visual environments
11THInterfacing among different programming modules
12THProgramming tablets, smart phones and microcontrollers
13THExemplification involving agricultural applications

Exams, marking and student assessment

A combination of written exams and project assignments during the semester